Congratulations on your engagement! Thank you for your interest in seeking assistance from Restoration Covenant Church as you prepare for your wedding. We’ve created this webpage to help answer your questions, provide helpful resources, and simplify communication.


First Step

If you are considering having Pastor Rob officiate your wedding or help you with pre-marriage counseling, please call Pastor Rob’s assistant, at 952-373-1274 to schedule an introductory pre-marriage meeting. At this meeting, Rob will hear the story of how you met, explain his role in officiating weddings and help you choose the best pre-marriage counseling option for you. This meeting is usually about 75 minutes long and is free of charge.


Pre-Marriage Counseling

You have several options for pre-marriage counseling that Pastor Rob will explain at your introductory pre-marriage meeting. You may choose to participate in a pre-marriage class or retreat (e.g. Engaged Encounter), meet with a marriage mentor couple or do pre-marriage counseling with Pastor Rob. There are different costs amongst the options but the good news is that the State of Minnesota reduces the cost of a marriage license significantly with proof of 12 hours of premarital counseling.

If you decide to do pre-marriage counseling with Pastor Rob, you will have seven 75-minute sessions with him, one every 3-4 weeks. The cost is $50 per session, payable by check or cash at the beginning of a session. There is no charge for weekday sessions scheduled at or before 4pm. The seven sessions cover the following topics: Hopes and Dreams; Compatibility and Family of Origin; Communication; Conflict Resolution; Money; Sex, Intimacy and Marriage Expectations; and Final Wedding Preparations.


For your convenience, here are links to resources that may be assigned to you as homework during your pre-marriage counseling sessions with Pastor Rob or a marriage mentor couple.

For Men Only  by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn
For Women Only  by Shaunti Feldhahn
The Gift of Sex  by Clifford and Joyce Penner
The Meaning of Marriage  by Timothy Keller (or video here)
The New Master Your Money  by Ron Blue
Sex God  by Rob Bell



Pastor Rob will explain his role in officiating your wedding at your introductory pre-marriage meeting. If after the meeting you decide to have Pastor Rob marry you, please fill out the Wedding Application below. His officiating fees are as follows: $200 for the wedding rehearsal and ceremony plus $0.25 per mile of driving. In addition, the fee includes hotel expenses if the venue is 60+ miles away. The officiating fee is payable by check or cash at the rehearsal.

Wedding Application

Please use the links below to Part 1 and Part 2 of the wedding application to help us serve you. Part 1 can be completed be either the bride or groom and Part 2 should be filled out by the bride and groom together. Both parts do not need to be completed at the same time.

Wedding Application Part 1
Contact information and details for the wedding, reception and rehearsal.

Wedding Application Part 2
Step-by-step process and foundational thoughts.

Wedding Ceremony Resources

These documents are provided to help you with your wedding ceremony preparations.
Wedding Bible Verses
Wedding Ceremony Order
Wedding Vows


Teaching Series: Poison & Wine

We encourage everyone in the wedding and marriage planning process to listen to our teaching series about relationships called Poison & Wine. If you are interested in hearing God’s perspective on the challenging issues in marriage, you can listen through iTunes or here:

Staring at the Mystery

Vineyards, Fig Leaves and Fortresses: Where Do You Live?

Conflict: From Division to Unity

God and My Bod

The Only Antidote