Belonging Together: Becoming a Member

Why should I become a member of Restoration?

When we covenant, or commit to each other, as members, it makes visible the reality of relationships, struggles and dreams Jesus initiated over 2000 years ago. It shifts our identity from a “friend of the family” into “family member” status. Without being exclusive, the church is then better able to invite others to participate in something authentic and sacred. Jesus called his disciples “friends” and they joined together for his mission. It’s more than a mission and more than friendship. We become “mission friends,” joining with Jesus to restore communities.

I’m interested! 

Please contact the church office to if you are interested in becoming a member of Restoration.

Member Steps

Below is a quick guide of the steps to becoming a member:

Member Messages

Please listen to these three Sunday messages.
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You may also listen to the messages at our iTunes page
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Why do I need to belong?


Now that I belong…


Planting (What kind of church are we?)


Constitution and Bylaws

Click here to download the Constitution and Bylaws of Restoration Covenant Church. Those of you becoming members my want to know what is in this document and review the complete new member process.